Feeling of cold / burning sensation

Though nothing does a special thing, is there the person with having experienced that you can write it to buttocks and a thigh, the foot and feel a strange sense, sense of incongruity?
If it is a pain to feel, you think that you are easy to notice one's body, the part where the symptom appears in particular immediately when abnormality is up.
However, you are hard to suppose it very much if it is not a pain including feeling of cold and the burning sensation, and it is almost sense of incongruity on earth what causes it.
It may be sciatic neuralgia if feeling of cold and burning sensation be drawn to buttocks and a leg, and it feels a feeling or a feeling of clamping.
Of course the cause may be other diseases, but it will be natural to think about without being rich that perhaps the paresthesia have a disorder to the body, the nervous system.
Is sciatic neuralgia; if think that cannot know it, at first let's have an examination at a hospital.
Because you have you examine a state / the function of the nervous system about organ of locomotion, as for going, it is in orthopedics.
Though it was improved in the case of the sciatic neuralgia a little when you rest quietly in bed after a symptom came out, it may be difficult a little, but recommends early consultation in a timing to go to the hospital if you begin to move again because a symptom tends to have come out to prevent the early detection of the cause, aggravation.

An urination disorder

The doctor does appropriate treatment if you understand that a pain and the numbness of the leg are sciatic neuralgia while looking at the state of a body and the cause of the patient, the progress health.
If it is found a cause by inspection early, only it can prevent aggravation early, but there is the thing that you invite sciatic neuralgia and symptom aggravation as you cause a delay in even not only the work but also everyday life when you leave it without noticing it even if a symptom appears.
When the cause of the sciatic neuralgia turns worse, there is the thing that an urination disorder comes out as well as a walk disorder.
From a pain and the numbness such as legs, the paralysis is worse and does not have urination and evacuation well.
You are incontinent at the time of a walk, and a sense per buttocks blunts.
It may be said that you are seriously ill if you become in this way.
However, you repeat precision inspection in the hospital side and must examine it because there is the disease that a similar symptom is over elsewhere.
If a man is enlarged prostate, a woman, regardless of sciatic neuralgia, a symptom resembling even the falls of the urethra constrictor appears.
If you make it which, and it feels sense of incongruity to one's body in it being thought that a choice except the operation is not left depending on a result, consultation please inspect it early at a hospital.

The wave of the symptom

The symptom of the sciatic neuralgia has a thing with the wave.
A wave with time when you are stable when a symptom is terrible when you can judge a doctor when a cause including the case that a disease called the hips spinal canal stenosis that a senior citizen in particular has much causes it is the one of the agings seems to be big.
It is said that a pain can disappear naturally afterwards even if you come to have a pain in a leg, and a symptom as a walk becomes difficult comes out.
However, there seems to be the wave which a terrible symptom begins to appear again if you think that you calmed down.
There seem to be many people repeating this, but you have a doctor watch it by all means when the cause of the sciatic neuralgia is small and is cured by rest, and it may be said that it is the best that have you do inspection.
Because the sciatic neuralgia has have been hernia possibilities if you think that it is a mere aging because it is caused by various causes.
Of course there is the case to need urgent treatment, an operation.
It is difficult to find a cause by oneself, but it may be danger you rest quietly in bed, and to try various treatment if there is only clear paresthesia such as lassitude, the paralysis that power does not enter to lower limbs.
You will have you examine it as soon as possible at a hospital.

Lower melagra

The symptom known most of the sciatic neuralgia is lower melagra.
Buttocks say that a pain appears by the point of a thigh, a calf and the foot when they say the lower melagra concretely.
In other words it is the part where a sciatic nerve influences an exercise function and sensory function.
And, as for the symptom, you are various.
After all it will be a pain to be easy to notice as subjective symptoms, though.
You are hard to understand both the kind of the pain and the degree at the initial stage in a different thing by a cause, and there can be the thing that it is difficult to discover a cause early.
However, the amount of possibility that you turn worse so as to cause a delay in everyday life when you leave it is high when the cause of the pain is the gap of the backbone and the lumbar bone, and it is the transformation of an intervertebral disk playing a role to tie a bone and a bone to.
It is not a thing good too much that keep intact when aching calms down if buttocks and a leg are absent from they have a pain in, appearing just to walk.
But you had better understand that it may not be necessarily sciatic neuralgia because a pain such as these came out to buttocks or a leg.
For example, you recommend that you take the method to have you introduce internal medicine and the blood vessel surgery after you can be caused by totally different disease and vascular lesion, and having had a checkup in orthopedics if such a possibility is a little.

Sciatic neuralgia and lumbago

You think that there are many people who recognize it when it is sciatic neuralgia that a symptom appears from buttocks by the future of a thigh and a calf and the foot.
Because the nervous system catching the pressure and the part where a pain and the numbness are given to by the degree are the nervous system that the sciatic neuralgia goes to the lower direction of the body from the backbone of the back although you are various, the part of the lower limbs that a sciatic nerve controls exercise function sensory function as for paresthesia appearing is.
However, there is a symptom having sciatic neuralgia and the relationship that I do not cut even if you cut it.
It is lumbago.
The lumbago is a waist.
You may have you regard the sciatic neuralgia as a foot from buttocks, but there are a lot of people to develop sciatic neuralgia and lumbago because you really tend to wake up abnormality such as the transformation to the backbone / lumbar vertebrae as for the symptom of the sciatic neuralgia appearing.
It is said that people more than the majority appeal for lumbago by the disease called the hips spinal column stenosis.
When the lumbago in case of this disease rests quietly in bed, the pain is gradually relaxed, but the motion kuo pain is told that it is a characteristic to become intense.